Cold Waves Make Life Worse; Temperature to Dip Further in the Capital

January 15 14:37 2014

fogNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 15 – After a sunny day on the harvest festival Makar Sankranti, residents of Delhi were under severe cold on Tuesday as cold waves augmented the frostiness across the capital. The intensity of cold was already anticipated to increase in the coming days and it happened in the same way.

A lot of people in different regions woke up in the thin layer of fog during the early hours on Wednesday. Continuous blowing of the wind throughout the entire night was the key cause for troubling life of the common man, especially homeless and unprivileged.

Due to the low visibility in the metropolitan, flight operations at Delhi airport were suspended for several hours. Trains were somehow running on the time in past couple of days, but since Delhi may witness dense fog in the near future, passengers might have to wait a tad more on platforms since trains would run behind the schedules.

Probability of rain in the mid-afternoon is anticipated to make living conditions worse for all the living beings. Stray animals are unable to find warm places to reside. Bonfires were lit at a fewer locations, bringing comfort for the less fortunate people, but only for few hours. Massive fog is anticipated to envelope Delhi and NCR in the coming days, affecting life of the people by reason of poor visibility.

Apart from Delhi, cold waves have gripped people in other states too. Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh etc. are under the attack of life-threatening cold. Taking into account the dipping temperature, several schools will be closed for some more days. If recent reports on climate are to be believed, then instant respite from chilly weather is not visible in the days to come.