Plenty of Sunshine to Take Mercury Up in the Capital

January 28 13:09 2015

sunny dayNew Delhi, Wednesday, January 28 – Post facing the attack of biting cold in the past few days, the information regarding plenty of sunshine in the city is going to make several inhabitants happy post being under the sun. Despite the fact that intensity in the heat could be piercing to a certain extent but the masses are ecstatic to wake up to a sunlit day, which is playing pivotal role to vastly restrict iciness.

If reports from the weathermen are to be trusted then sky wouldn’t be overcast even for a day in the current week. In fact, maximum temperature will exceed from 15 to 17 degree Celsius and minimum temperature from 6 to 10 degree Celsius. Homeless and unfortunates with less means to save themselves against the bone-chilling cold will get to heave a sigh of relief. Problem for them might occur on Monday as rain probability is on the cards.

A slight respite from cold conditions is definitely apparent but gust blowing at the pace of 11 to 23 km per hour will keep on making the residents to shiver.  Humidity in the atmosphere will be less as compared to the earlier week. Climate will take a u-turn after a few days the moment haze and precipitation return. As of now, the pleasant sheen of the sun has made general public to come on the roofs and get the much needed warmth. Temperature in the late hours is forecasted to be soothing.