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Business Yogi® Enables Entrepreneurs to Utilize Consciousness to Achieve Desired Outcomes Through Cogent Business Strategies

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Business Yogi® Enables Entrepreneurs to Utilize Consciousness to Achieve Desired Outcomes Through Cogent Business Strategies

July 01
20:17 2021
Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat is a renowned business coach and founder of Business Yogi® – a brand that has helped businesses close sales, achieve growth, and generate profits. The tools and methods used enable creative ideas that well up from one’s deep consciousness.

According to announcements released by Business Yogi and Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, the business coaching offered by this brand allows startups and SMEs to grow their businesses.  Both the business models face pressures because of the funding already acquired as well as to maintain growth once it starts to occur. 

Business Yogi®  guides and mentors on business leadership in a systematic manner and using techniques with a basis in scientific research. It also invokes spirituality to help entrepreneurs achieve desired business outcomes. It helps them obtain critical breakthroughs to take their business upward, by teaching them the tools, techniques and methods to address pain points effectively in a way to help them scale and grow. 

Business Yogi® allows business owners to delve deep mentally in a peaceful manner with no disturbing waves or ripples of distracting thought. In this state, ideas come up that can deliver rapid business growth. For example, the “Decoding Sales Success,” a Sales Leadership Transformation Program, provides a 360-degree transformation in how one looks at sales and the results. “Access To Money” (ATM), an intensive 5-Level Money Coaching Curriculum to transform the flow of money through business by applying the Law of Least Effort.  Clients can choose from different programs, models etc., on management streams, including marketing, sales, and operations. All this ensures that Business Yogi® means and stands for nothing less than success and growth. 

Through 7-Chakras of Business Leadership, Business Astrology, and by stimulating the power of higher levels of consciousness, this coaching center places at the disposal of clients the tools that are not available to their competitors. 

Real benefits delivered by Business Yogi® include helping businesses enter, expand, and exit businesses smoothly. As a result, entrepreneurs can chart a predictable growth path and plan to boost visibility and growth in six to twelve months. 

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Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat of Business Yogi® said, “With the support of Business Yogi® tools and techniques, one can accelerate the rate of acceleration in business growth by creating powerful SPACE, ENERGY, and TIME (SET). To achieve this, one needs to have powerful cognition from the depth of the higher levels of consciousness itself. With Business Yogi®, this is possible. 

However, we don’t unnecessarily make our clients work on their minds as the mind route is always long!  This is critical in today’s time as the demand on business owners is to create extraordinary business results at a rapid speed without giving any room for mistakes and errors and moving beyond the competition by creating rapid business growth with the highest level of valuation possible!  At Business Yogi®, we know that the game is not about knowing more or working on the mind. Without working on the mind and wasting more time, one can easily manifest extraordinary results with more power, peace, joy, and freedom. Business Yogi® promises that.

Business Yogi® offers both one-on-one coaching and group coaching for business owners. In addition, Business Yogi® offers special programs exclusively for business owners on Business Astrology, 7-Chakras Business Leadership, and various other spiritual practices and programs for business growth.”

About the Company:

Business Yogi® is a leader in business coaching. Founded by Dr. Sreekumar Vadakkeppat, it has successfully demonstrated the efficacy of its holistic and result-oriented approach towards success in entrepreneurial ventures and startups. It has enabled business owners to succeed without sacrificing their peace of mind, values, or family life. Business Yogi gets its clients started on an inevitable journey of growth. Dr. Sree’s book “Business Yogi No Business Fails!” the #1 Amazon Best Seller gives the never-given clarity in business leadership to unfold solutions for multiple business challenges.

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