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“Figures From Jiangsu” On The Road Of 100 Years Of Struggle

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“Figures From Jiangsu” On The Road Of 100 Years Of Struggle

July 06
02:18 2021

A 100-year-long struggle to realize a long-cherished dream, building new Jiangsu.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a short video titled “Figures From Jiangsu” On The Road Of 100 Years Of Struggle, which was planned and produced by under the guidance of the Cyberspace Administration of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, has been released online recently. In the form of a hand-painted long scroll, this short video vividly reproduces the glorious course, outstanding achievements, and precious experience of the CPC in Jiangsu in the past 100 years by sketching groups of figures of outstanding representatives of Chinese Communists in various historical periods in Jiangsu.

Our struggle never stops since the founding of the CPC 100 years ago. Jiangsu is one of the regions where the CPC was first established, organized, and carried out revolutionary activities. It is also an essential region for forging and forming the CPC’s revolutionary tradition and revolutionary spirit. Over the past 100 years, numerous outstanding Chinese Communists have emerged in various revolution, construction, and reform in Jiangsu. Some of them pledged their lives for national independence and people’s liberation, and some of them have been making pioneering efforts to achieve economic prosperity and bringing happiness to our people. They are memorable “Jiangsu figures” in the great historical picture of the 100-year struggle and the new journey ahead.

“Figures From Jiangsu” On The Road Of 100 Years Of Struggle selected and depicted numerous outstanding representatives of Chinese Communists who emerged in Jiangsu in various historical periods over the past 100 years. It condenses and represents their outstanding achievements. Looking back to the past, the inspired viewers are clearer about the future. These figures are  Zhou Enlai、Qu Qiubai、Fei Xiaotong、Hu Fuming、Wu Renbao、Zhao Yafu、Wang Dayan、Wang Jicai etc.

The CPC is just in its prime after 100 years, but it still needs to march forward regardless of hardship.

The CPC has united and led the people of all ethnic groups to find the right path to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and create “Chinese miracles” in the history of human development. Looking back at the “figures from Jiangsu”on the road of 100-year struggle, the people of Jiangsu are constantly building a “strong, rich, beautiful and high-level” new Jiangsu, creating a better future and writing a more brilliant new chapter under the inspiration and guidance of the figures’ spirit.

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