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Online and offline integration of intelligence to promote development, The Second International Forum on Urban-Rural Relations Held in Songyang

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Online and offline integration of intelligence to promote development, The Second International Forum on Urban-Rural Relations Held in Songyang

October 22
06:13 2021

In October, this international forum attracted tourists from all sides. From October 18 to October 21, the second International Forum on Urban-Rural Relations, co-sponsored by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Committee and the Lishui Municipal People’s Government and hosted by the Songyang County People’s Government, was held in Songyang. The theme of this forum is “integrating health into spatial planning and foreseeing a better rural life”. Officials, experts, scholars, media workers and others from 44 countries and 19 international organizations participated in the forum.


In 2019, the first International Forum on Urban-Rural Relations was successfully held in Songyang. Experts and scholars from home and abroad gathered in Songyang to discuss topics such as “rural architecture, tourism industry innovation, culture and heritage, and rural economic innovation” around the theme of “rural revitalization: innovative development and value enhancement”. They shared outstanding cases of rural revitalization in various countries, reached a broad consensus, and achieved positive results. .

Two years later, the international forum has come again as promised. Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, this year’s forum adopted an online and offline combined approach for the first time. Through various activities such as exhibitions, keynote speeches, online conferences, on-site visits, paper collection and case studies, international organizations, governments and departments at all levels as well as domestic and foreign experts and scholars are attracted to strengthen urban-rural ties and promote sustainable development.

At the same time, the forum provided an opportunity for all participants to showcase country-specific case studies, innovative approaches and measures, learn new knowledge about rural development and health issues and learn from each other.

This forum focuses on hot spots of the times and discusses global issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a huge threat to the life and safety of people around the world, but it has also triggered further thinking on health issues from all walks of life. To this end, the forum set five topics of “human settlement and health care, sustainable and healthy diet, food system and public health, traditional medicine, local knowledge and culture, integrating public health into the national land planning and governance, and learning lessons from the new crown epidemic situation and crisis management”. Dozens of domestic and foreign masters gathered in the cloud to talk about human health and urban and rural development, fully responding to the common concerns of domestic and foreign parties about the epidemic situation and human health problems, and jointly gathering wisdom and strength for the overall and healthy development of human settlements.

Carry forward the tradition and bring forth the new through the old. During the forum, guests walked into the most representative and typical traditional villages in Songyang to investigate the living, rehabilitation, non-heritage activation, village protection, integration of culture and tourism, and transformation of residential quarters. Based on their global vision, they have carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions around the theme. After the forum, Songyang County will also work with UN-HABITAT to plan and publish a bilingual publication of “Songyang Revelation”. This publication summarizes the results of the two international forums on urban-rural linkages held in songyang in an effort to contribute songyang’ s wisdom and experience to solving the global problem of sustainable urban-rural development.


Songyang Jianxian County was founded in the 4th year of Jian ‘an of the Eastern Han Dynasty. It has a history of more than 1800 years. It is the earliest county in Lishui City. The county-wide “has eight mountains, one river and one farmland”. It is a national ecological demonstration zone with excellent ecological environment. Up till now, it still retains more than 100 ancient villages with complete pattern, including 75 traditional villages in China. It is honored as “the last secret land in the south of the Yangtze River” by National Geographic magazine. In recent years, Songyang has focused on top-level design and is committed to creating a “national traditional village park” that highlights the unique beauty of rural China. In optimizing the spatial development pattern of the land, it strengthens the overall protection of the traditional pattern and historical style of the village and solves the difficult problems in the protection and development of the traditional village. Based on high-quality ecology, supported by the development of whole region tourism, and with the Chinese medicine industry as the core, it has constructed the five system of economy, industry, service, culture and digital, and built a “global health and nutrition resort” that covers the whole region, whole time  and whole county  of “food, medicine, water, body, culture and qi”.

Songyang will hold the 2nd International Forum on Urban-Rural Relations as an opportunity to build consensus and deepen cooperation. On the international stage, it displays four business cards of “Intelligent Manufacturing New City”, “China’s Organic Tea Township”, “Global Health and Nutrition Attraction” and “National Traditional Village Park”, contributing more useful experience and creating more models for global health and urban and rural development. 

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