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Creative Biolabs Set Up a Center to Expedite mRNA Study

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Creative Biolabs Set Up a Center to Expedite mRNA Study

October 22
07:34 2021
Creative Biolabs has been a world leader in manufacturing mRNA reagents for research and therapy development for multiple years, focusing on expanding mRNA technologies such as mRNA biology, chemistry, formulation & transport, bioinformatics, and protein engineering, with devoted scientists and deep knowledge in the field of mRNA.

New York, USA – October 21, 2021 – The genetic coding templates used by the translational machinery are mRNA (messenger RNA), a single-stranded molecule. The use of mRNAs as therapy, vaccine, and gene editing components such as Cas9, transposons, and other nucleases has sparked a surge in interest thanks to recent RNA technology. The cost-effectiveness of in vitro manufacturing and the ease with which mRNA may be scaled are two of the benefits of using it in a therapy approach. Creative Biolabs supports customers’ various needs in the research, pre-clinical, and therapy development of mRNA by providing high-quality goods and professional services.

Creative Biolabs can take advantage of an efficient versatile non-enzymatic synthesis method to tailor the mRNA fragments and introduce mRNA modification.

“Under normal conditions, we use solid-phase synthesis to assemble mRNA strands,” according to a technician, “to generate a huge number of RNAs for further purification.”

To conquer the instability and immunogenicity of in vitro transcribed (IVT) mRNA molecules, Creative Biolabs has developed a platform to modify the long sequence of polyadenylate residue at the 3′ end and add a cap structure to the 5′ end.

Stability is another crucial factor to be monitored and controlled, which is influenced by mRNA transcript and RNA binding proteins, which, if deregulated, will lead to the malfunctioning of cells. The core measurement is determining the half-life of mRNA, which is realized by actinomycin D-based method, c-fos serum-inducible promoter system and tet-off regulatory promoter system, or custom mRNA stability assays developed by Creative Biolabs.

In addition to the mRNA synthesis, modification, delivery vehicle development, and stability evaluation, Creative Biolabs launched a one-stop program for mRNA therapeutics development which supports all-around mRNA projects, covering the design of mRNA, mRNA biology, mRNA formulation and delivery, and protein engineering. Explore more at

Introduction to Creative Biolabs

Stability and translation efficiency, two critical issues during the development of mRNA therapeutics, must be addressed as soon as possible as they have an impact on the entire development process, including large-scale manufacturing. To that purpose, Creative Biolabs established a sector specialized in mRNA technologies, setting up a comprehensive platform that allows for mRNA synthesis, modification, and delivery method optimization.

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