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Apes Of The Jungle Is All Set To Shake Up The Music Industry

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Apes Of The Jungle Is All Set To Shake Up The Music Industry

November 22
14:18 2021
Apes Of The Jungle Is All Set To Shake Up The Music Industry
A new music industry NFT built to help artists

Apes of the Jungle is releasing one of the most unique NFT collections of 2021 to end the year. These will be the first of their kind, music-based animated video NFT’s. Each person will be able to create and mint their own choruses just by dragging and dropping apes onto the stage when the minting begins in December. There are over 100,000 different chorus possibilities. Merging both digital art and musical composition makes this collection special.

With growing popularity on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter Apes of the Jungle is a drop that many have their eye on. As the entire industry grows the amount of NFT’s in circulation increases day to day, making it harder and harder to find trustworthy projects with long-term visions. Apes of the Jungle has a roadmap for 2022 already developed and plans to release their $FAME Token in quarter 1 of 2022.

Another key factor about Apes of the Jungle is their Community Wallet agenda. Upon sell-out the team at Apes of the Jungle will fund 100 ETH to the community wallet. This wallet will be used to fund creative projects voted on by community members and will support artists specifically in the music industry. This will be a major element of the utility of these NFT’s.

The effort is to support up-and-coming artists and musicians, by creating a community of like-minded creatives, and digitally minded people. Apes of the Jungle aims to become the world’s first decentralized autonomous music label/ organization. Allowing community members to vote on creative projects/ direction. Record companies haven’t done the best job of supporting their artists over the years, making room for competition to change the way music is created, produced, and distributed.

Unlike most NFT collections out today, this is not a static image project, they will be animated with music to bring the asset to life. This is the key element that makes this project worth checking out. With a growing vision and consistent teamwork, Apes of the Jungle aims to be funding artists’ careers and assist in spreading awareness for talented community members/ artists. This collection presents a rare opportunity to take the industry back into the hands of the artists who create the art, and remind the record industry that change is inevitable.

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