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TD Holdings Announces their Partnership with Tesla to Enable Tesla Investors Become Stakeholders in TD Holdings

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TD Holdings Announces their Partnership with Tesla to Enable Tesla Investors Become Stakeholders in TD Holdings

November 24
18:22 2021

November 24, 2021 – TD Holdings, which is a renowned investment platform and fast-spreading globally has recently partnered with Tesla within the last decade and have gained exponential growth in investors, profit margins, and world-round acceptability and trust.

The said partnership with Elon Musk’s trillion-dollar company aims at allowing investors to utilize TD Holdings to gain better returns as well as confidence as regards transparent investments.

This new partnership creates a channel for investors from Tesla to become stakeholders in TD Holdings and furthermore, actualize varying dividends provided by the platform.

Multiple investment options are currently available on TD Holdings. This multi-asset trading and investment platform provide investment opportunities that range from digital currencies to real estate.

Tesla Motors will have ample opportunity to invest in a widespread plan outline that falls into one of two major groups, called Standard Investments and Project Investments.

Standard Investments are streamlined into sub-options of Basic, Standard, and Advanced. The Basic Plan for the Standard investment involves investing $1,000 which will yield 16.5% in daily returns. This plan runs for seven days and allows for investments up to $5,000 to be made. The Standard plan allows for investments between $6,000 and $19,000 with a daily return of 6%. A 30-day plan with an expected return of 80% profit after a month. The Advanced plan has an initial minimum investment of $20,000, with up to $1,000,000 in deposits being possible. This is quite a juicy option for larger Tesla investors, especially considering the 6.5% daily returns that result in 160% ROI after 40 days.

One very satisfying feature of every plan on TD Holdings is the fact that profits can be accessed whenever an investor chooses to do so. Also possible, are recurring capital investments, which can result in impressive accumulated interests.

Project Investments may be an intriguing investment option for Tesla investors due to their focus on new age assets. Investments in Tesla Motors, DeepMind, Space X, and NeuroVigil all provide the ability to see major returns based on investing in these assets without owning them.

Property investments start at $25,000 per unit of said shares in Tesla Motors. Investing in these units provides a 70% ROI within 11 months. Investors involved in the Space X program will be getting returns based on constant growth indexes amounting to 50% ROI in a year. An initial investment in this program requires $1,500 and could be increased according to the desire of the investor. Finally, investors in NeuroVigil will see a 35% ROI after seven months when they invest in at least one $300 unit.

Bottom Line

Given how lucrative TD Holdings platform is for current investors, the new partnership with Tesla will be an excellent way for Tesla investors to diversify their investments into varying categories.

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