Air Choice Patio Heater Renewed the Winter Outdoor Life

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Air Choice Patio Heater Renewed the Winter Outdoor Life

October 18
23:33 2022

People are used to staying indoor in the winter. It is mostly because it’s too cold outside. Due to the cold weather, except for some outdoor sports like skiing, climb mountains and running, they have no reason to go outside even they want to.

Demand creates market. Since more and more people want to enjoy a pleasant outdoor winter life, the outdoor heater products are produced. In this market, Air Choice performs exceptionally well with cost efficiency, nice design and especially good quality. In the winter heater series from Air Choice, the Patio Heater matches the outdoor life perfectly.


Featuring 3S Quick Heating & 3 Precise Heat Settings, this Air Choice outdoor patio heater with carbon fiber gold-coated tubes can provide instant and effective heat within 3 seconds. That means, when people move it outside the garden, balcony and other outdoor spaces, they can get warm air in 3 seconds. They don’t need to stand the cold weather for long time. That’s so nice for outdoor living enthusiast.


To avoid the trouble of getting up to set up the temperature, this Air Choice outdoor patio heater is also equipped with a compact and easy-to-use remote control. People can easily select different heating modes without leaving the warm bed or soft sofa. They can talk with their friends on the one hand and adjust the heating mode on the other hand.

People may worry about the electricity bill brought by this heater product. Here comes the surprising Intelligent Power Saving technology, whose fast heating and precise heating in 3 seconds can quickly transfer heat directly to people or objects instead of the environment. In this way, it ensures energy saving through higher efficiency and precise heating.

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Air Choice Outdoor Patio Heater:

For people who enjoy staying indoor in winter, Air Choice Home Air Purifier may be a good helper to keep the house fresh.

With Instant and Large Space Coverage, the Air Purifier for Home will purify a space with 495 sqft within 10 mins and for a TRIPLE coverage with 1485 sqft in 30 mins. This helps people get fresh air even they stay at home for long time so that they can keep healthy in winter.

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Air Choice Home Air Purifier:

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