Creative Biolabs: Virus Antibody Solutions Exclusively for Virology Studies

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Creative Biolabs: Virus Antibody Solutions Exclusively for Virology Studies

October 20
05:52 2022
Having been immersed in virus antibody development for decades, Creative Biolabs announced its full set of antibody products and high-quality services to support virology studies.

New York, USA – October 20, 2022 – Recently, an article entitled “A tetravalent TREM2 agonistic antibody reduced amyloid pathology in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease”, published in Science Translational Medicine, demonstrated the role of a novel discovered antibody in potentially becoming an Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Indeed, the application of antibodies in disease treatment has gained great success lately, and CRO companies are driving themselves to follow the trend as it grows. Creative Biolabs, an industry-leading company, has gathered a group of talented scientific minds and expanded the scope of antibody development to combat the most threatening viruses and diseases.

Virus neutralization assays are extremely useful for studying human and animal antibody responses to viruses induced by vaccination, natural exposure, or other therapy,” a scientist at Creative Biolabs said.

Here are some neutralization assays offered by Creative Biolabs:

* ELISA-Based Receptor-Binding Inhibition Assay

* FC-Based Receptor-Binding Inhibition Assay

* Pseudovirus Neutralization Assay

Pseudohost is considered a valuable tool to detect neutralizing antibodies and anti-virus entry inhibitors and assess vaccine candidates, which is widely applied in antibody neutralization assays. Pseudohosts can be used in the following applications along with pseudoviruses from Creative Biolabs:

* Pseudovirus-based inhibition assay for the detection of neutralizing antibodies

* Pseudovirus-based inhibition assay for the detection of anti-virus entry inhibitors

* Assessing neutralizing antibodies induced by vaccine candidates against highly pathogenic viruses

* Virus entry mechanism discovery

In order to facilitate researchers’ virus assays in vitro, Creative Biolabs provides customers with pseudohosts, including but not limited to:

* Human ACE2 Overexpressed 293T Cell Line Pseudohost

* Human CD4 Overexpressed 293T Cell Line Pseudohost

* Human ACE2 Overexpressed CHO Cell Line Pseudohost

In addition, Creative Biolabs has focused on the antibody engineering field for decades and can engineer antibodies with enhanced functionality. “We can combine various antibody domains to generate customized antibodies with specialized binding properties, optimal half-lives, and desirable functions,” especially noted by a scientist at Creative Biolabs.

Available virus antibody engineering services at Creative Biolabs are shown below for researchers.

* Antibody reformatting and production

* Epitope binning and mapping

* Antibody humanization

* Affinity measurement

* Affinity maturation

* Immunogenicity prediction

* Sequence liability identification

* Therapeutic developability assessment

More information about Creative Biolabs’ virus antibody solutions can be found at

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Creative Biolabs, researching virus antibody engineering for decades, offers a suite of service portfolios to global clients, including functional engineering services, constructional engineering services, and other antibody specialty and modification services.

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