CCTV.COM Launches Its First Digital Copyright Products – YGCC

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CCTV.COM Launches Its First Digital Copyright Products – YGCC

October 20
06:43 2022

New York – One must be familiar with pandas and dragons, even if he/she does not know much about China. Charmingly naive pandas and powerful dragons play important roles in traditional Chinese culture. Quite a few impressive film and television images are derived from them, such as Kung Fu Panda.

In the metaverse, NFT designed based on the images of pandas and dragons are also polular. From April 21st to 24th 2022, CCTV.COM launched aerospace-themed NFT “Yangyang” and “Shishi” designed based on the images of pandas and the mythical Chinese creature, dragons, to celebrate the 7th Space Day of China and pay tribute to China’s aerospace industry and people who work in this field, showing good qualities of Chinese people such as righteousness, bravery, and persistence. Altogether 20,000 NFTs with special meaning relevant to aerospace sold out as soon as they were released. The lovely, ingeniously designed “Yangyang” and “Shishi” became “stars in the aerospace field” loved by fans.

In the previous story, “Yangyang” and “Shishi” traveled to space in an aircraft. What’s their story in space? Let’s find out today.

In the new storyline, “Yangyang” and “Shishi” encountered rare space-time turbulence, which caused them to travel through time 2,500 times and met 2,500 different selves in the tunnel of space and time. From ancient to modern times, from the street to the stage, some of them wore ancient bamboo hats, some held cool skateboards by hand, some were in opera costumes, and some had black satin boots on. The female leading character, male martial character, swordsman… Each time they jumped through space and time, they had new identities as if they were reborn. On October 20th, CCTV.COM is going to release the digital copyright products—YGCC. “Yangyang” and “Shishi” will come back to Earth with 2,500 different versions of themselves. Let’s wait for their arrival.

As a mainstream medium in China, CCTV.COM has been striving for the healthy and steady development of excellent Chinese brands and IPs. Based on “Yangyang” and “Shishi” owned by CCTV.COM, the coming YGCC is an integration of NFT and digital copyright. Not only virtual images are sold together with the NFT, but also digital copyright that can be commercialized, which points out a new path for the development of the NFT industry in China. The value of IPs incubated in the NFT industry is increased with digital copyright. NFT can be used in various scenarios with commercialization and the transfer of digital copyright. YGCC will be a good example for the development of the NFT industry in China.

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