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GLADIUS Mini Underwater Drone Is a Good Choice to Explore the Sea

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GLADIUS Mini Underwater Drone Is a Good Choice to Explore the Sea

October 20
06:48 2022

71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water and 80% of the earth’s oceans remain unexplored and unmapped by mankind. Human beings are generally curious creatures, and this makes it very necessary to develop tools and devices that may aid in the exploration of seas, oceans, and other water bodies. Underwater filming and photography have come a long way over the years, with better and more efficient technologies being embedded into the field. The introduction of underwater drones was a literal game changer, as it enabled people to explore depths that did not seem possible to be explored before.


GLADIUS mini underwater drone is now a very popular tool in the underwater filming industry. It can impressively capture UHD footage at either 1080p or 4K resolution, producing very clear videos. The photos are shot at 12 MP, producing high-clarity images. It is equipped with F3.0 lens and a pair of LED lights, making it possible to explore even the dark underwater places.


The drone comes with a remote controller, which can control the direction of the drone, lock the depth, alter the speed and adjust the brightness of the lights remotely. There is the option of using the CHASING APP, enabling your phone to be able to control the drone like a video game controller, making underwater exploration convenient and fun.

The drone is highly maneuverable and its adjustable Tilt Lock Mode of within 450 enables it to roam freely in various directions, ensuring the user can explore various depths and angles in pursuit of whatever they are looking for. The drone can move at speeds of up to 4 knots while under the water.

The drone is equipped with immersive underwater virtual reality equipment, enabling a user to get an amazing underwater experience without necessarily getting into the water. It also has live streaming capabilities, enabling the sharing of live feeds on up to 3 wireless devices.

GLADIUS mini weighs less than 5.5lbs and is compact and small in size, making it very portable and thus convenient to move around with.  The drone can explore to depths of up to 330 feet when tied to a 100m tether.


GLADIUS mini proves to be the obvious choice for many people who are interested in underwater exploration. It is a literal game changer in the field of underwater photography and videography.  

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