CDG’s world’s first blockchain cloud game platform, a new proposal to solve pain points

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CDG’s world’s first blockchain cloud game platform, a new proposal to solve pain points

October 22
06:02 2022

The concept of cloud games was first conceived in the 2009 GDC game conference, which was proposed by OnLive and released the first cloud game “Crysis”. Subsequently, cloud game pioneers such as nVidia GameStream and PlayStation Now invested in the development of cloud game platforms one after another.


Game pain points

User pain points

Users will face many problems when playing games:

l lSuch as high computer configuration requirements

l lMac series devices cannot download games

l liOS devices cannot download android games

l lThe game download is slow and the memory ratio is serious

l lThe game requires users to be online for a long time


Traditional game pain points

l For IP holders, game data is falsified

l For developers, user acquisition costs are too high

l For the whole chain, the market is inefficient

l For users, game assets are not guaranteed

CDG cloud gaming platform

The CDG cloud game platform is built by the CDG team by adding blockchain technology based on cloud computing technology, aiming to solve many problems such as game users, IP holders, game developers, game equipment limitations, etc. methods and ways of participating. The CDG cloud game platform distributes and stores each game on different nodes, so that thin clients with relatively limited graphics processing and data computing capabilities can run high-quality games. In this game scenario, the game is stored on the cloud server The cloud server renders the game scene into a video and audio stream, and transmits it to the player’s game terminal through the network to solve the problem of limited equipment of the game player.

Advantages of CDG cloud gaming platform

l CDG cloud game platform adopts blockchain technology to achieve complete decentralization, that is, server decentralization and management decentralization; numerical calculation is transparent, real-time settlement, and a high degree of mutual trust.


l CDG cloud game platform supports millions of people to play games interactively in the cloud, and realizes the data verification of the whole server through blockchain technology to ensure that the data is authentic and reliable.

l CDG cloud game platform is based on the game ecology of blockchain, game users can participate in voting like nodes, change the development direction of the game, and set the value of the game.

l CDG cloud game platform will provide economic system empowerment for multiple participants, and create a completely decentralized value cloud game platform through a complete internal economic cycle.

CDG cloud game ecology

CDG cloud games include game applications, peripheral product applications, advertising applications, DAO autonomy, etc.

CDG online games are divided into two categories, namely traditional games and blockchain games.

CDG launches traditional games:

League of Legends, Assassin’s Creed, Our Planet, SYNCED:off planet, Genshin Impact, KING OF FIGHT, A Fistful Of Dollars,Overcooked, Minecraft, Cyberpunk 2077


CDG launches blockchain games:

Axie Infinity,CryptoBlades,Alien Worlds,Splinterlands,Galaxy Blocks


Create the world’s first cloud game DAO autonomous community

CDG will build the world’s largest DAO autonomous community through a sound ecological network, and community members can make CDG community governance and ecological decisions by holding CDG. The development of CDG DAO autonomous community consists of three stages. In the first stage, global game players and game publishers are invited to participate in CDG IDO to create a preliminary consensus; in the second stage, the game is launched, and the game is opened to enhance the community consensus and the scale of the DAO autonomous community; the third stage invites Gamers around the world play games, and game publishers publish games and place advertisements.

CDG Economic Token

Token Issuance

CDG is the only Token issued by the CDG cloud gaming platform

Release name: cloud gaming

Token abbreviation: CDG

Total circulation: 1.03 billion

Issue subscription price: 5.57U

Number of subscriptions: 280 million

Subscription time: 15:30 on October 25th – 21:30 on October 25th (Turkey time)

Winning rate: 16%

Announcement of the winning time: 17:00 on October 26 (Turkey time)

Minimum subscription: 8CDG

CDG adopts cloud computing technology and blockchain technology framework system to create the world’s first blockchain-based cloud gaming platform

A new road sign in the game industry, a new game system is built, and users can regain control of their wealth!

Welcome to join the CDG cloud game platform and become a practitioner of innovation! The owner of wealth!

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