Bolivia Foundation for the Poverty Alleviation Received support from BoBoShoping UK Online Shopping Platform

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Bolivia Foundation for the Poverty Alleviation Received support from BoBoShoping UK Online Shopping Platform

October 24
14:06 2022

Tony Fernandes, Chief Advisor to UK online shopping platformBOBOSHOPPING E COMMERCE CO., LTD and CEO of AirAsia Group, announced today through the online media the launch of BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO. In South America.

Today, the Bolivian government has officially accepted our offer of help and we will soon be helping those who want to start their own businesses on e-commerce platforms to through BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO. I am very worried and sad about the current situation extremely depressing economy of the country. Therefore, I propose that the Council of Administration of BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD immediately start our aid program by donating a fixed amount of 5 million dollars a month to the Foundation for the Bolivian Poverty Alleviation to help them in this difficult moment. This is just a little gesture of our company, but we hope to create a perfect ecosystem of “Program of Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship” through our well-developed BOBO CLOUD SYSTEM, so that people from all over South America can have the opportunity to start your own businesses and avoid being victims of the pandemic! The “Pandemic” is the first of this type in South America.

The South American countries hit by the pandemic, especially Bolivia, the poorest country and backward, they have been greatly affected by the economic crisis, which has caused serious problems of subsistence! The people of Bolivia face unprecedented unemployment as local businesses are closing and the tourism industry is losing money.

While all sectors are being affected, the e-commerce industry in South America is bucking the trend, growing rapidly and increasing its turnover, which is very worrying.

In fact, when South American governments imposed city lockdowns or quarantines during the outbreak, people were forced to stay home and rely on the Internet to your entire normal lifestyle, including work, food, clothing, and transportation. In addition to work and play online, people spend most of their time shopping for everyday items everyday life and food on online shopping platforms. In this way, online purchases have gradually become a habit of life and at the same time accelerated the growth of electronic commerce.

The “Cross-Border E-Commerce Entrepreneurship Program” of BOBOSHOPPING ECOMMERCE CO. Through the use of BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD’s self-funded BOBO CLOUD SYSTEM, a unique cross-border e-commerce smart shopping system, and its back-end servers, which are now seamlessly connected to major e-commerce companies in the world, a billion opportunities have been created businesses directly to the people of South America.

In fact, the main value of the BOBO CLOUD SYSTEM is to allow those who participate in the BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO. The project is a great success.

When asked why BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD had to spend so much money to develop a smart shopping guide system for e-commerce cross-border, Tony calmly explained, “We want to create a matching system completely intelligent to symmetrically match the information of the products of all e-commerce companies with consumer information and avoid the duplication of information accumulation. Since the system requires labor to function, this invariably creates a human resource demand for the system and naturally countless job opportunities”.

At present, the main purpose of BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD is to provide the greatest possible number of jobs for the population of South America after the pandemic, hoping to take the opportunity to help those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic so they can continue to survive.

For BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD, the pandemic is manageable and the threat is always limited, but compared to the economic crisis that will follow the pandemic, the people will face a catastrophe, a storm with no time limit. This is the real concern of BOBOSHOPPING E-COMMERCE CO., LTD at this time, as people’s lives could be greatly affected by loss of income.

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