SUREX Rises To The Top Despite Sluggish Trading Market

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SUREX Rises To The Top Despite Sluggish Trading Market

October 28
18:01 2022

Cryptocurrency exchanges have become the battlegrounds of the crypto industry. As the pinnacle ecosystem of the industry, it has absolute monopoly over resources, funding, liquidity, and regulations. While it has been a competitive market for exchanges in the past year, there are still many new players joining every day, with most focusing on the popularization and commercialization of Web 3.0. In the highly competitive blockchain industry, there will inevitably be new unicorns that revolutionize the industry.

SUREX represents a new competition for cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a cryptocurrency copy trading community development platform with the world’s first “Pledged Finance Copy Trading System”. It utilizes big data analytics to achieve superior price-earnings ratio and trader profits. With a simple operational interface and community rewards, users do not need to learn complex technical analysis, and can start copy trading easily with just one click.

Unlike the advertising channels of traditional cryptocurrency exchanges, SUREX focuses on offline communities, and has professional teams across Southeast Asia to provide real-time services. This resulted in a large number of sign-ups after the system was launched. A senior VC commented: SUREX is the most promising cryptocurrency exchange to become a unicorn in the next 3 years.

1. SUREX Creates New Market Trajectory with Trading Roots

SUREX has an in-depth understanding of exchanges, believes that exchanges are tools to advanced decentralized finance (DeFi), and should complement DeFi product advantages to compete with traditional centralized financial institutions to acquire a larger user base, instead of just focusing on the crypto market.

SUREX markets towards developing countries, where they lack excellent financial management tools. With the popularization of the internet and blockchain, potential users can engage with DeFi and have better finances. This demographic was often ignored in the past, with many unmet needs. SUREX reaches out to them through its focus on user experience, provides them with useful financial products and services, and enables them to build their own community. As such, despite the downturn of the cryptocurrency trading market, SUREX was able to rise quickly.

Its unique market insights and clear positioning has allowed SUREX to grow smoothly. With its proprietary “Pledged Financing Copy Trading System”, SUREX is far ahead of the competition.

2. Seizing Trading Amateurs with Simple Intuitive Product Design Thinking

The perfect combination of strategy and tactics can bring about a business revolution. For SUREX, its unique insights and positioning are strategic breakthroughs, with its success dependent on its execution. SUREX believes that exchanges should serve its users to earn DeFi dividends. With simple and intuitive product design thinking, SUREX has launched the world’s first truly inclusive on-chain financial product – pledged finance.

Pledged finance allows users to earn diversified income by pledging cryptocurrencies. Stable income can be earned through staking, with additional income from one-click copy trading, and community rewards from community development.

SUREX will launch a DeFi platform focused on trading amateurs, with more products such as spot trading, futures trading, NFT, WEB 3.0, and mining pools rolled out progressively for users. Its academy will also help amateurs grow into experts. This is to meet the diversified needs of different users.

SUREX makes it easy for amateurs to get started with low barriers and low cost. It provides stellar services for cryptocurrency traders all over the world, becoming a platform that everyone can participate in and profit from. It focuses on its product uniqueness and universality, respecting users and valuing their contributions, and creating a culture unique to SUREX that enables it to expand quickly and stand out in the market.

3. Leverage the Window of Global Finance, Provide Financial Services to Millions

SUREX aims to replace traditional financial institutions and cover markets that are overlooked by cryptocurrency exchanges. SUREX makes financial management easier. With its in-depth understanding of Southeast Asia, it has established its own branding, community, and products. SUREX enables every family to receive better financial services and value-added benefits, and introduces WEB 3.0 financial services to households.

From conception to deployment, SUREX considers the customer as king. It provides a variety of financial products to enable every family to enjoy a better life. It has taken the lead in the sluggish trading market, taking the world by storm.

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