Renowned Astro Business Strategist Hirav Shah Is On A Mission Revival Offering 10 Minutes Free Strategy Session For All Entrepreneurs

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Renowned Astro Business Strategist Hirav Shah Is On A Mission Revival Offering 10 Minutes Free Strategy Session For All Entrepreneurs

March 03
03:33 2023
Renowned Astro Business Strategist Hirav Shah Is On A Mission Revival Offering 10 Minutes Free Strategy Session For All Entrepreneurs

The man behind many successful celebrities, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, politicians, public figures, real estate developers, and more industry professionals, Hirav Shah is on “Mission Revival”. He is offering 10 minutes free strategy sessions for all entrepreneurs and industry professionals who were once upon the TOP and going through a major SETBACK right now, situated anywhere in the world. As a well-known Astro Business Strategist, he is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs develop well-managed businesses that generate success. As part of this offering, Hirav Shah will give a free 10-minutes strategy session and consultation  to all those who qualify after registration.

When things are not moving in the right direction as per the POTENTIAL, there are two ways to strategize in Business or Professional Life.

REVIVAL STRATEGY : Very helpful for the Top celebrities, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, sportsmen, politicians etc who were once upon TOP and GOING through a ‘MAJOR SETBACK’ should follow this Strategy.

TRANSFORMATION STRATEGY : For Any Existing Business, If the GAP between POTENTIAL of the BUSINESS and actual ACHIEVEMENT is more than 50% then they should follow this strategy. It’s a very helpful and Result oriented Strategy.

Hirav Shah’s simple funda is if you are DOING business or BUYING business or STARTING any PROJECT, you should be able to make money as per POTENTIAL of BUSINESS or PROJECT.

Same way, If you are into POLITICS…power should be there. If you are an ENTERTAINER OR SPORTSMAN….you should be in the top 20, and you should be getting endorsement as per your face value…

If you are not able to make MONEY as per POTENTIAL of your business, means there must be some problem in your HARD WORK or STRATEGIES or EXECUTION or TALENT or LUCK.

Hirav is a pioneer in introducing the most popular ASTRO STRATEGY for Business revolution to increase CERTAINTY of SUCCESS.

ASTRO STRATEGY is 80% combination of Hard Work, Mindset, Strategy, Effective Execution & Talent and of course 20% is a Luck factor. Right TIME with Right STRATEGY helps to execute strategies effectively.

Hirav’s qualification in Electronics Engineering, ⁣ Business Management and SAP certification has helped him understand the engineering of Man, Machinery, Money and Material and how to utilize resources to reach the next potential of the BUSINESS or BRAND.

As a National Player in Chess and Qualified National Player of Volleyball, For Hirav it’s easy to evaluate the POTENTIAL and WEAKNESSES of the BUSINESS and also ANALYZE and STRATEGIZE for any SIZE of PROJECT or BUSINESS with sporting SPIRIT.

Graduation in MUSIC (Tabla) has helped him remain in RHYTHM and MOMENTUM in the industry.

As per Hirav Shah “Exponential Growth can be achieved when you know where you are, where you want to go, why you want it, what’s the GAP between your goal and your current situation and finally what are the chances to achieve your goal”.

Corporate astrology by Hirav Shah helped several troubled business people escape the snags they encountered in a fast-paced business environment. He can strategize effectively for clients’ needs due to his diverse extracurricular background and knowledge of various business situations. As a result, he is also aiming to help all emerging industry professionals with astrological business assessments and strategies that will enable them to succeed.

Businessmen with the right strategies and planning could rise to their challenges if he or she has the business acumen and wants to do something in their lives. Therefore, he conceived of a free 10-minute ‘Strategy Session’ to help the folks clarify their goals and gain useful insights into developing their work plan and strategizing.

The free 10-minute ‘Strategy Session’ is meant for all the Top Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Developers, Sportsmen, or Public figures who were once on top and going through a ‘major setback’. It would consist of one-on-one phone sessions during which he would provide a prognosis based on each person’s date of birth, Time of birth, place of birth, their potential, their desires and weaknesses, and their goals.

Strategy-building sessions help industry professionals and entrepreneurs realize their potential in the global sphere, which eventually helps them transform their careers and live their dreams. WhatsApp your story, pain points, desires, and birth details with the subject Mission Revival and see if Hirav can take you on his mission revival with 10 minutes free strategy session.

The above details must be sent by WhatsApp (WhatsApp: +91 96875 99923 or +1 551 689 5323) if anyone wishes to avail of this free service. The deadline for the application is March 30, 2023.

Are you ready to get started? Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and chart your course for success!

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“Success is how high you bounce back when you hit the bottom! So prepare to bounce back soon!”, shares Hirav.

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