Lenny Griffis Announces the Launch of His New Book ‘The Weed Seed’

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Lenny Griffis Announces the Launch of His New Book ‘The Weed Seed’

March 17
22:44 2023

Aspiring author Lenny Griffis announces the launch of his new book, The Weed Seed; the book showcases the dual nature of the people and also shows that there are still few people in the world who don’t care how you look and they are always there to support you.

This story gives the message of thinking beyond external beauty. It teaches us that friendship is a bond of the heart, not the body.

The Weed Seed shows readers the meaning of true beauty and friendship. As the tiny weed seed enters the garden, the beautiful flowers of the garden ignore her and always pick on her. Still, the weed seed wanted to live in that beautiful superficial garden. Fiorella and the other flowers never accepted her, but the wildflowers were not pretty, but they had a heart of gold. They accepted the weed seed with hopes of friendship and always tried to support her and lift her whenever she was sad. One day the tiny weed seed grew into a magnificent rose, then Fiorella and her friends came to be friends with her and accepted her. But weed seed knew they were her friend only in her good times; they were superficial and greedy. And in the last chapter, she leaves the garden and is united with wildflowers. The weed seed says in the end to the wildflowers that you supported me throughout my journey, and you all will now celebrate with me because you are my true friends.

Lenny Griffis beautifully delivers a marvelous and exceptional story that describes the duplexity of people’s nature. They are there to celebrate your good times but will not support you when you need them the most.

The Weed Seed makes you feel many different emotions in a single story. The pain of being ignored because of being ugly, unacceptable in society, and unable to do what you liked the most. It also makes you experience the joy of finding true friends and the happiness of being with them.

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