The great moment for Anglo capital group – Hong Kong Stocks press has successfully concluded

March 02 00:11 2017

18th Guangzhou Finance Expo and Anglo Capital Connecting with Hong Kong Stocks Press was held in Guangzhou Westin Hotel Canton Fair on Feb 19th, 2017.

The executives from Anglo Capital Group showed up for the first time and delivered speeches and communicated with all friends from the press face to face. This press becomes a grand meeting witnessed by the press and 500 employees from Anglo Capital Group.

Photo taken in the press

The group chief consultant looked back the history of Anglo Capital and introduced the group’s outlook in 2017 in this press.

Three executives from Anglo Capital Group

CEO of Anglo Capital Group is delivering a speech in the press

Smith Asher, CFO of Anglo Capital Group is delivering a speech in the press

Pitter Palmer, CMO is delivering a speech in the press

Dis, the chief consultant explained to attendees that Anglo Capital targeting “capital securitization” had started to operate globally and arrange in various industries including top finance business, industry S plan, investment immigration, Jinmen Island tourism project development , VR smart platform and etc many years before. The executives from the group looked ahead and aimed high, which made Anglo Capital keep improving in the way of “combination of industry and finance”. Now it has succeeded in connecting with Hong Kong stocks, which symbolizes that the strategy of Anglo Capital is aiming at the global stocks.

Many presses attached pay close attention to Anglo Capital Group, especially its integration of global resources involving people’s livelihood, medical care, transportation and entertainment. Some companies and investors asked Dis many questions and were very interested in what he said.

Mr. John Aux, CEO of Anglo Capital Group attended this press and delivered an exciting speech. And then CFO Smith Asher and Pitter CMO Palmer also delivered their speech. CFO analyzed and summarized the history of American capital securitization and the current market environment in China. CMO analyzed and expected the brand operation and brand operation of Anglo Capital in 2017. The executives from the group interacted with attendees actively in the press and it successfully concluded.  

Employees from Anglo Capital Group are taking more determined step than before since employees from Anglo has built a first-rate finance analyzing team, integrated many physic economy resources all over the world and had a wild contact with many people and capitals all the way along. With the environment better and better and capital securitization flourishing, employees from Anglo have strong confidence to realize appreciation of fortune in a larger scale all over the world.

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