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March 02 19:24 2017

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An antenna is mainly a conductor that is exposed in space. If the extension and measurement of the conductor is at a particular ratio or manifold of the wavelength of the signal, it turns out to be an antenna. This situation is generally termed as “resonance”, because here in this case, the electrical energy provided to antenna is given off into free space. An air core inductor that is of a specific wavelength is usually labeled as a characteristic antenna.

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Key aspects that are need to be considered while selecting the type of antenna are size, cost, and performance. Numerous types of antenna are designed for obtaining enhanced output power, sensitivity and antenna gain. The three basic types of antennas that are most extensively utilized for short range devices include PCB antennas, chip antennas and segment antennas.

The antenna is regarded as a chief and fundamental component in a wireless communication system. The main function that an antenna performs is of converting electrical signals into RF electromagnetic waves. Then what happens is the electromagnetic waves are further transmitted into free space and are altered into electrical signals. It is said that if an antenna is well-designed, it boosts up the operating distance of the wireless product.

If it is successful in transmitting more power from the radio, it will be able to travel over larger distance for a particular packet error rate and receiver sensitivity. Apart from that, if a radio is well tuned at the receiver side, it can work with least radiation incident at the antenna. The thing that needs to be taken care of is about the RF layout along with the radio matching network. They are required to be properly prepared and executed to make sure that most of the power that is coming from the radio is ultimately making an appropriate contact with the antenna.

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A PCB antenna is said to be stable, reproducible and quite simple to produce. Moreover, it makes use of the existing board. The PCB antenna possesses a two-dimensional (2D) structure. IFA and MIFA are believed to be the two kinds of PCB antennas. Advantages like low data rate and typical range requirement in a BLE application all together make these antennas extremely functional. In addition, these antennas are said to be economical, simple to design and easy to implement as they have now emerged as an important element of the PCB, plus they offer enhanced performance in the range of 150-250 MHz bandwidth. It is said that a small size PCB antenna at high frequencies can also be prepared as per the application requirements.

Market size segmented on the basis of applications spans Consumer Electronics, Computer, Communication, Electronic, Medical Equipment and Automotive Electronic. Market size segmented on the basis of geographical region spans North America, China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. As far as the geography is concerned, North America is currently leading the market size and is likely to remain at the same position in the next couple of years.

Major companies operating in the Global PCB Antenna market size include WIZnet, Silex Technology, Sagard, TE Connectivity, ABRACON, Molex, Advantech, TDK, Lantronix, MikroElektronika, Wurth Electronics, Taiyo Yuden, Vishay, LS Research, Murata, Pulse, Digi International, Linx Technologies, Adafruit, DLP Design, Yageo, TechNexion, Walsin, Radiall, Antenova, API Technologies, and Laird Technology.

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