LED Flashlight Manufacturer Lumintop Launched High-End EDC Flashlight and Tactical Flashlight Products

March 06 20:01 2017
Lumintop, an LED flashlights manufacturer that has rolled out a broad variety of flashlights for outdoor activities in the past, recently launched their high-end EDC flashlight and tactical flashlight products.

Lumintop, a top LED lights manufacturer nestled in China, recently rolled out its latest selection of high-tech EDC flashlights and tactical flashlights. The LED flashlight manufacturer mentioned in a recent press statement that the EDC flashlight products are specifically meant for those who need compact and lightweight illumination. The EDC series flashlights are pocket sized devices which are specifically designed for workers who need some form of portable illumination device to carry out their tasks and duties in dark. The owners of Lumintop said that the products are highly effective for people who are into mining sector or people whose jobs involve inspection.

The owners also added that the pragmatic aspects of the EDC flashlight products are not the only factors to consider, as they have tried to make the pocket-size torches as stylish as possible. The products are powered by Li-ion battery and product accessories are also now available through the website of Lumintp, which serves both as an online catalogue and an ecommerce store. The owners of the store said that the tactical flashlight products which they had launched earlier are characteristically different from the EDC flashlights, as those products also come with weapon mount and other features for military usage.

The EDC flashlight products which Lumintop has launched recently are ideal for outdoor activities and professional use, the owners claimed. They said that the sleek and compact design of the flashlights make them perfect for everyday use as well and added that they have used the latest technologies for making the flashlights fit for day-to-day use. However, the owners also maintained that all of their products are priced on a competitive basis so that they can find a good share in both the wholesale and retail markets for LED flashlights. Lumintop now serves both as a retail store and a wholesaler, selling a diverse range of LED flashlights and other sots of illumination devices.

“With the launch of the latest EDC flashlights, we look to capture a larger section of the global wholesale market for LED flashlights and LED work lights”, said the CEO and managing director of the company.

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Lumintop is a top manufacturer of LED flashlights.

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