Genemedics Health Institute Organizes Special Event for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

March 07 02:44 2017

Acclaimed wellness clinic Genemedics Health Institute recently organized a special event to discuss Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with local people of Michigan. The event was attended by renowned expert Dr. George Shanlikian, who discussed many aspects of hormone replacement therapy with participants and local press.

Genemedics Health Institute is the leader in hormone replacement therapy Michigan. Founded by Dr. George Shanlikian, the clinic has come a long way in offering complete wellness and health services for people in seven states. With rapidly expanding centers, the company offers custom treatments and solutions to the middle-aged generation for better living. Their recent event was about discussing hormone replacement and its benefits.

Dr. George Shanlikian initiated the event by discussing the diverse hormones in the body. He discussed the need for maintaining hormonal balance for both genders, along with factors that may have a direct impact on different hormones. He also talked about the fight or flight hormone, also known as adrenaline and how people can identify the symptoms and signs of imbalance.

Along with Dr. George Shanlikian, many other doctors talked to the patients directly and encouraged them to get tested for different hormone levels after 30. Medical experts suggested that men and women should take their body seriously in their 30s, to notice the evident signs of hormonal issues. The team also answered questions related to fight or flight hormones in detail.

The marketing team of Genemedics Health Institute announced an exclusive discount on all packages for testosterone replacement therapy Michigan. The publicist added that local people could contact the Institute for a free consulting session, following which they can approach doctors for treatment. Although she refused to talk about discount details, insiders at the event hinted at surprises for most patients. The offers from the clinic will be available at selected centers only and are valid until March 31, 2017.

About Genemedics Health Institute

Genemedics Health Institute is a leader in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Michigan. With its headquarters at Metro Detroit area, the institute is known for its experience in this particular field, along with other services, such as weight loss and nutritional counseling. All the centers and overall services are managed by Dr. George Shanlikian – A leading medical expert in the field hormone replacement therapy. The clinic has a special wellness app for patients and also offers special packages for supplement and exercise counseling.

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