iSpiice Announces Extended Volunteer Programs For International Travelers

March 07 03:22 2017

iSpiice, a leading organization for volunteer programs in India, recently had a media meet at their workplace in Dharamsala. The top management members and founder of the organization discussed many of the extended programs available for volunteers with local journalists and other participants.

iSpiice, which stands for Integrated Social Programs In Indian Child Education, is among the few organizations to offer volunteer work India. The primary mission of iSpiice is to provide work options for international volunteers, so to improve the lives of women and children in the rural villages of Dharamsala. At the recent event, founder Varun Verma announced that the volunteer programs will be now available for extended periods.

Starting the event, Varun discussed his experience of working in the slums of Mumbai, Delhi and Goa. He added that he was deeply disturbed by the overall development in his native place in Himachal Pradesh, and that’s when he decided to seek the help of the international community. He said that iSpiice is committed to both volunteers and social causes, and the entire team will ensure a happy stay for all travelers and students.

Staff members also explained the benefits of volunteering India with iSpiice, describing the range of facilities and program options. The marketing head added that the organization has designed programs with extreme flexibility, and volunteers can choose between a number of relevant social causes, including child education, health education, childcare, English teaching, computer education and women empowerment.

With regards to the duration, founder Varun Verma added that every volunteer can now stay up to twelve weeks for a program, and all their necessary expenses will be covered in the fee. He also assured travelers of additional tour options, depending on their interest. The publicist for iSpiice answered many media questions and assured international students of great support and comfortable stay. She also encouraged the student community to inspire others to volunteer in India, so that more people can contribute to the crucial social causes.

About iSpiice   

iSpiice, short for Integrated Social Programs In Indian Child Education, is a known organization that offers Volunteer India programs for international travelers. Located close to Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, the organization offers work at a peaceful rural region known as situated in Sidhwari village. iSpiice was founded in 2008 by Varun Verma, who has worked for a number of social causes in many metropolitan cities and has a deep understanding of the rural fabrics of India.

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