ConnectDingo Announces Official Worldwide Launch of BEEP

March 29 15:01 2017
BEEP is a simple 4-step process that allows businesses to acquire maximum customers via LinkedIn!

London, United Kingdom – March 29, 2017 – ConnectDingo today announced the launch of “BEEP”, a time tested and proven framework that provides marketers and business owners with a tool to generate interest from prospective buyers on LinkedIn, and turn them into loyal customers. The main take away from this is that the BEEP method is not some new way of doing business, but instead takes the wisdom from years and years of successful business, and applying it digitally.

According to company’s spokesperson, Gloria Gunn: “The 4 step, Build, Engage, Educate and Promote approach is not intended as a linear path but rather a blend of concepts which when used together facilitates a well-rounded, robust and consistent strategy which returns predictable and measurable results.”

So here’s how the 4 step process works:

Build: This is the first component of the strategy and requires actions or activities that continuously provide a flow of new prospects and build a network of clients.

Engage: Once a network is built, the marketer or business owner has to leverage any opportunity to engage with connections and build rapport with them.

Educate: This step involves building trust with connections by educating them, and highlighting expertise or knowledge a marketer or business owner possesses. It can be done by presenting information to them from external sources, such as the news and other influential people in the industry and also by sharing testimonials from existing customers on a regular and consistent basis.

Promote: Last but not the least, this step involves carrying out direct promotional activities. One of the biggest failings in any sales situation is not asking for the sale! The RPM or “regular promotional message” is one of the fundamental ways to do this and is the simple act of regularly presenting an offer to prospects that may be of interest at any given time. By doing this consistently, business owners can ensure that when the time is right for the prospect, they will know where to go based on their RPMs.

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