Airwheel C8 Racing Smart Helmet is the Perfect Integration of Technology and Practicability

July 02 15:08 2017
The target customers of Airwheel C8 racing helmet are racing drivers or riders. However, it is more than a great tool to protect head. It also owns many other practical functions, such as taking pictures or videos, one key to answer a call or playing music and so on. It is highly praised as the perfect integration of technology and practicability.

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The ultimate goal of high technology is to apply to life, or it is useless. Airwheel C8 racing helmet is the best evidence that high technology and practicability can be perfectly integrated. On the one hand, it is the best protective tool for racing drivers or riders. On the other hand, Airwheel makes the best use of high science and technology, and introduces such functions as taking pictures, recording videos, playing music and answering a call to C8. In short, C8 is a type of professional helmet for racing.

Besides high technology, Airwheel selects high-quality material and advanced craftsmanship for C8 full face helmet. The adopted strong plastic ABS owns advantages of high impact strength, good abrasive resistance, stable electrical performance and excellent wearing experience. Above all, it gives the best protection for racing riders or drivers. Based on one-time molding craftsmanship, C8 has beautiful and smooth figure line.

Airwheel C8 racing helmet

However, C8 racing helmet is never satisfied with great protective function. It has several unexpected functions. Shooting function comes very first, which means taking pictures or recording videos. The high-contrast and high-resolution shooting performance mainly benefits from high-end camera lens. In the meantime, C8 is equipped with big internal storage and thus it can save a lot of pictures and videos. Then, every unforgettable and meaningful moment can be preserved vividly.

Generally speaking, cross-country racing asks for focusing attention, let alone listening to music or answering a call. After all, car or motorcycling is quite dangerous. Nevertheless, Airwheel C8 smart helmet has done great job. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets people enjoy music and meanwhile hear external sound, which makes people be ready to deal with emergencies at any moment. When a call is coming, people can answer it at will, too. Just click the button on the left part of C8 and answer it.

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