Airwheel R5 Intelligent Electric Assist Bike Adds Pep to Users’ Life

July 09 07:20 2017
So much living pressure makes people’s life tough and boring in today’s society. They need some new elements to change. Airwheel R5 electric bikes are good options. They can be not only bikes, but also users’ best players.

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At present, many people may complain that their life is full of pressure and too closed. They need some change, but they have no idea what to do. AirwheelR5 electric moped bikes are citizens’ good choices. As advanced transport tools, they can be used in commuting time. As toys, they may bring much pep to users’ life.


Private cars and buses are always stuck in traffic during the rush hours. And metros are so crowded as well. It is freer and more interesting for users to ride Airwheel R5 electric folding bike from company to home. At the first sight of R5, people will be attracted by it. Users can control the intelligent unicycle by three different ride modes. If you choose the electricity-assisted mode, you can find the power switch in the one side of the batter, start it and hold the handle. First sit on the saddle and step on the pedals one foot by one foot. When riders are ready to ride it, they can push the accelerator in the right handle to accelerate. Also, rides can pedal it to go forward. The power-assisted mode is to make riding easier.


When office workers go to work by Airwheel R5 citizen e bike, they can enjoy scenery on the road that they haven’t noticed before. The fresh air also makes them feel comfortable. They won’t feel boring as driving or taking public vehicles. Apart from that, users can go shopping or have short-distance trips in city with Airwheel R5 electric assist bike. Audiences may think it is so cool to shop or travel with such kind of fashionable vehicles. The users will be the center of the attention. What’s more, as users’ toys, they can try to play some easy wheelies with them. As long as they are successful, they will feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

Airwheel R5 portable e bike helps add much pep to users’ life. Stop complaining, ride an Airwheel e bike and enjoy the wonderful life!

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