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Decentralized financial public chain DB may be the next best investment

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Decentralized financial public chain DB may be the next best investment

November 05
06:44 2019

With the rapid development of blockchain technology, more and more industries are stepping up their integration with blockchain technology. However, blockchain is not a panacea, and this technology is not suitable for all industries. But the blockchain has a natural advantage in the financial sector, which is determined by the decentralization and non-tamperability of the blockchain.

In recent years, financial institutions have been the most willing to explore the application of blockchain, and need new technologies to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs to cope with the current state of the global economy. In addition, the financial industry has huge market space, and a little progress can bring huge benefits. The financial industry is an industry that requires extremely high security and stability. If the blockchain is verified in the financial field, it will have a huge demonstration effect and be quickly promoted in other industries. In the financial sector, in addition to digital currency applications, blockchains have gradually begun to be applied in areas such as cross-border payments, supply chain finance, insurance, digital bills, asset securitization, and bank credit reporting.

In fact, the combination of blockchain and finance is already the trend of the times. Its advantages are reflected in the following points:

1) Easy access to both parties’ trust. The blockchain enables both parties to conduct economic activities without the need for any third-party credit intermediaries, and fully realizes the open sharing of information between the two parties to achieve global low-cost value transfer.

2)  Improve data security and confidentiality. The blockchain technology completely preserves all historical transaction information through the complex computer encryption algorithm and the distributed storage technology architecture, which greatly improves the security and confidentiality of the data in the blockchain transaction system.

3) Reduce information security risks. The traditional Internet finance business relies on the central server, often accompanied by problems such as website security, data security, transaction security, system construction, etc., which gives all kinds of network hackers and greedy insider traders a chance. Due to the irreversible modification of the blockchain, all historical transaction data is fully preserved and traceable, so transactions in the blockchain system are more realistic and reliable.

Digital Bank (DB chain) is determined to power a decentralized financial public chain. It uses Terra-Chain’s underlying blockchain technology and PoA (Proof-of-Authority. Leading the way to launch a powerful financial public chain system that is more efficient, faster, lower entry threshold, and has higher asset liquidity than the current public chain.

DB chain is widely used in decentralized exchanges, cross-border payments, insurance, digital bills, asset securitization and other fields. In other words, DB chain not only has the function of digital banking, but also integrates various ecological applications such as currency trading, digital currency storage, various financial wealth management products, economic games, etc. What is more, DB chain realizes the cross-chain technology with extremely high difficulty coefficient, so that a number of public chain assets based on different standard protocols can be freely exchanged at any time.

DB chain also launched a decentralized exchange, not only with legally compliant US exchange financial licenses, but also with world-class technology and a strong operational and marketing team. Its unique spiral value-added model will break the inherent mode of the traditional digital currency trading platform, create a decentralized exchange 2.0 era. DB chain help to build a new financial digital asset platform in the future, so that investors’ wealth appreciation will be faster, safer and more stable. We believe that in the near future, the DB public chain will break the financial chain structure, blockbuster, truly reshape the financial blockchain market, and open the next myth of creating wealth.

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