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Accenture Co.,Ltd. co-signed a strategic partnership contract with the ESC research fund team.

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Accenture Co.,Ltd. co-signed a strategic partnership contract with the ESC research fund team.

November 05
12:02 2019

The Internet of things is the third tide of the development of the world information industry after the computer and the Internet. And it is conservatively estimated that by 2025, more than 100 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. In the future, reducing the application cost and improving efficiency and security of the IOT will become the key research direction of the world, industry and enterprises.

Accenture Co.,Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the ESC research fund team, and that is also an advantage of both sides to form a long-term and comprehensive strategic partnership in the Internet of Things and related fields and to achieve “resource sharing and win-win cooperation”. The Accenture is a multinational company that offers strategic, consulting, digital, technical, and operational services. In recent years, its net income is more than $30 billion. In addition, with over 459000 employees, serving customers of more than 200 cities in 120 countries and regions, such a huge company certainly has the need to reduce operational costs and to improve operational efficiency.

The ESC research fund team is committed to the use of block chain technology to lead the human to enter a reliable digital life, and build a new commercial ecological system of interconnectedness of all things and positive development and form the new concept of the “valuable Internet of Things”. At present, ESC chain has made many technological breakthroughs and innovations, and has a series of characteristics and advantages in achieving strong consistency, multi-connectivity and accessibility. And the ecosystem framework of the ESC chain has been applied to a many business activities that are closely related to life, such as collection identification, luxury garment identification, food and drug traceability, logistics tracking etc.. Whats more, It is also a more reliable theoretical framework and technical support for Accenture to help the traditional industry expand the business model and the product portfolio, extend the value chain, improve operational efficiency and lower the cost of the industry.

The cooperation between the two sides will inevitably realize the blockchain technology and achieve a greater breakthrough in the field of the IOT, thus solving the bottleneck from theory to practice. The cooperation between ESC and Accenture has enabled Accenture to reduce operating costs and improve the efficiency of corporate operations. At the same time, ESC technology has also been applied in more industries. Professionals believe that the future prospects of ESC will be more promising, and preliminarily estimate that the market value will reach 20 billion US dollars or more.

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