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Forefront | Bitu.ex creates an ecological closed loop, or will realize “overtaking on a curve”

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Forefront | Bitu.ex creates an ecological closed loop, or will realize “overtaking on a curve”

December 02
21:44 2019

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As the world’s largest economy, the U.S. government’s attitude toward blockchain, digital currencies, and exchanges will greatly affect the attitude of other countries and regions. It is reported that as early as 2018, Seven states, including Ohio, Texas, and Delaware, have a more positive attitude towards blockchain, which accounts for 14% of the United States, basically covering the eastern, central and eastern, southern, and western U.S., of which New York, Ohio and Texas, and Berkeley, California are among the largest.

At the beginning of 2018, the bitu.ex exchange was born. In this year, the currency circle has gone through the “first year of the public chain” and “the first year of the token”, which is also a year of exchanges. At that time, relative to the number For huge project parties, the exchange is at the top of the food chain, and everyone wants to seize this opportunity to be at the top of the pyramid. In the process of “chasing up and down,” some people have succeeded. And some people are drowning in these rivers and lakes.

At the beginning of 2018, after the internationalization of ok and huobi, they benchmarked the newly emerging Binance “coin exchange”, ranking the top five global exchanges, and while madly pulling new ones, countless small exchanges have been launched.

In mid-2018, FCoin, a huge catfish, entered the market and launched a “transaction is mining” method to stir a pool of muddy water and attract a large wave of followers into the game. At the same time, it also caused the exchange alliance war. The crash of FCoin and the fading away of FCoin, and the arrival of the big bear market, this exchange alliance war has gradually disappeared.

At the end of 2018, contract products have become a new battlefield.The exchange track has been continuously smoked, and some media have done statistics.In just one year, nearly 16,000 exchanges have poured into the Red Sea battlefield.

Since then, with the frequent occurrence of rights protection incidents and the pressure of policy peaks, the exchanges have also started to try to wash the white and began to lay out the direction of the blockchain application industry … Therefore, rather than 2018 being the first year of the exchange, it is better Said to be a disaster year.

The disaster year of the exchange lasted from 2018 to 2019. At the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin once fell to $ 3,000, and the low tide of the industry struck, which put the exchange circuit into a dilemma. At the time, the number of active exchanges shrank sharply from over 10,000 to no more than 100.

Fortunately, bitu.ex exchange is lucky to resist this cold wave, which is among the hundreds. After this cold wave in 2018, bitu.ex finally hoped for a market recovery in June The market is also getting better.

Regarding the future of the exchange industry, the bitu.ex team believes that the blockchain exchange is one of the most widely used application scenarios for the transfer of blockchain assets, and the future is still very promising. However, the blockchain exchange is also the most competitive. In the fierce field, to succeed in this fiercely competitive field, bitu.ex believes that the following three points should be achieved:

First, strong technical support is the most basic and powerful driving force. Only strong technical strength can protect the exchange;

Second, a safe and stable service experience. The experience on the Internet is very important. Users don’t recognize it. It is not blown out, but it brings users an unparalleled sense of security during the experience;

Third, the innovation of operating models. Only by constantly improving and innovating can we continuously strengthen the user’s viscosity and accumulate the number of users, and keep pace with the development of the times, and be invincible.

In the future, the bitu.ex team will continue to break through the exchange technology, improve the speed of matching transactions, improve the field of security technology, and continue to improve the ecological extension, create ecological closed loops, and achieve bitu.ex’s cornering overtaking.

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