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Empower Black Lives with Separation not Integeration

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Empower Black Lives with Separation not Integeration

September 10
04:23 2020
Boggs Academy Continues to Make a Mark in Society by Empowering Black Lives. This prestigious academy believes that native Blacks are better separated than integrated.

Keysville, GA – September 09, 2020 – In the wake of the upheaval against Black lives, there has been a huge uproar around the world and a resurfacing of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. The diverse support from people from every walks of life has shown that there’s a lot of positivity among people with a serious belief in the concept of equality. However, this has also started the discussion around racism and the long-term debate about inclusivity. Is our society really inclusive? Does it really truly believe in equality?

“Education is the medium by which people are prepared for the creation of their own particular civilization, advancement, and glory of their race … And a race without authority and power is a race without respect.” – Marcus Garvey.


Boggs Academy truly lives and breathes this vision every day. Established in 1906, Boggs Academy was primarily a preparatory school for the African American middle class from around the country – built with value-centered priorities and educational assets. The Academy grew to the clear understanding that emotional intelligence, personal integrity, and self-confidence acquired through mentorship are among the most important and reliable predictors of success and achievement.

In the past few months, there has been significant voices about the treatment of Blacks in our society again leading to massive support at a global level. While all the questions about equality and putting an end to racism continue to plague the world, Boggs Academy has a different approach towards this discussion. Having established itself as a legacy of lifelong learning and opportunity through education for Native Blacks, they urge the world to not force the concept of integration on African-Americans. What they believe is that the strength of their race lies in separation and not integration.

“As a community, we were better off economically, educationally, and socially before integration. We had our own teachers, who lived among us, in our neighborhoods, and who attended our churches. We knew them and they knew us and our parents. We had a relationship, not because of segregation, but separation.” – Navy Lanier, Board Member, Boggs Rural Life Center.

Boggs Academy has silently continued to work towards empowering Native Blacks through education and ensuring that they are capable enough to create a place for themselves in society. 1906, a year when racial tension in the South reached its pinnacle, Reverend Dr. John Lawrence Phelps. Founded Boggs Academy with a zeal to establish a school built on Christian principles, which would educate African American youth. The fact, that for 8 decades, Boggs has produced responsible leaders, creative innovators, and committed public servants, is a testament to Reverend Dr. John Lawrence Phelps’ vision. Boggs has proven that education is the true power of society.

To know more about Boggs Academy’s legacy or to contribute to their cause, please visit their website here and

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